Dick Smith’s Do-It-Yourself Monster Make-Up Book


Was there ever a kid who didn’t check Dick Smith’s Do-It-Yourself Monster Make-Up Book out of the library? Well, probably. But it wasn’t me. I checked this gem out at the same time I was pulling The Eerie Series books off the library shelves.

In this book, monster make-up maven Dick Smith teachers eager young boys how to turn their friends into hideous creatures. Unfortunately, this book didn’t turn me into a special effects whiz as it did Greg Nicotero, Rob Bottin, and Rick Baker. In fact, I never got to even try any of the techniques. But I did enjoy looking at the pictures and dreaming of the day I would make up my friends in these outlandish ways.

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  1. dijital101 says:

    Wow, I haven’t seen that book in years. And yes, I checked that thing out about 4 times a year from 3-6 grade.

  2. Doug says:

    Yeah, wish I could have found some interior pages, but I couldn’t. There are tons of different covers, though.

  3. TechSean says:

    I have that book still do to a reprinting back in the 80 or 90’s. It was the launching off book for many of a makeup artist. You can still get it.

  4. Doug says:

    Can you scan us some pics of the inside pages?

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