IDW Releases New Popeye Comic Book This Week!

Exciting news for us fans of E.C. Segar’s famous sailor man as IDW Publishing is releasing a new Popeye comic book series to shelves this week. Popeye is written by the talented Roger Langridge (Judge Dredd, The Muppet Show, The Mighty Thor) and illustrated by Bruce Ozella. Which from the cover you see below by Ozella it not only appears that his style matches that of Segar’s but it reminds one of a certain other comic book hero’s first appearance.

[Via] IDW Publishing

From the press release on the IDW site back in January: “Ever since I was a kid, the two cartoonists who have had the biggest influence on me have been Carl Barks and E.C. Segar, so getting a chance to write Popeye is quite a thrill,” said Langridge. “I’m especially pleased that IDW have decided to go with a Segar-flavored interpretation. As much as I like some of the later versions of the character, for me, it’s those early strips where the magic really happened. Just as well Segar drew everybody with big feet, because Bruce and I have some enormous shoes to fill!”

For a look at how different Popeye was in the comic strip series in the day, make sure to take a moment and check out Drahken’s ‘Popeye is Morbid’ post on the forums.


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5 thoughts on “IDW Releases New Popeye Comic Book This Week!

  1. Between IDW and Dynamite I’m really like the releases they do with these retro properties. I’ll pick up the first issue of this. However I think Popeye is more suited as a comic strip rather than a comic book.

    The Shadow #1 from Dynamite was released last week. Did you pick that up, Vic?

  2. Drahken says:

    Popeye originally started as a 40s style “strip”, which actually means a full page spread, sort of halfway between a modern sunday strip & a comic book. Additionally, his current strips are all long running stories, so a comic book version wouldn’t be that different from a compilation of his daily strips.

    I’ve been following IDW’s transformers stuff since they started with it, and dynamite’s voltron comics are good.

  3. Drahken says:

    trivia tidbit: The original donkey kong game was concieved as a popeye game. It was to have popeye climbing the ladders, bluto throwing barrels, and olive screaming for help (and presumably spinach cans instead of giant hammers). For some reason or other though, they were unable to get the license to use popeye characters. Initially disappointed, they instead created some original characters (the now famous ape, plumber, and princess) and launched the mega-franchise that we know today.
    After the huge success of donkey kong, they were asked to make a popeye game too, which is no doubt why the popeye arcade game has so many similarities to donkey kong.

  4. Drahken says:

    I downloaded this yesterday. If you’re a fan of more… dramatic(?) epic(?) comics (such as 1940s “strips”, the ongoing plot newspaper comics like spiderman, or most of the disney comic books), you’ll like this. It has humor mixed in, but it’s mostly about an adventure, with the entire comic being dedicated to just a single story. It’s not “bad”, some might even find it great, but it’s not what you’re probably expecting.

    (This isn’t popeye’s first foray into the world of comic books btw, he’s had ones published by dell, gold key, charlton, and harvey to name a few.)

  5. Six Million Dollar Jedi, I did pick up the Shadow comic last week but it’s been so busy at work that I’ve yet to read it. I need to be alone in a quiet place to absorb the goodness that must surely lay within. Did you read it yet?

    Drahkan, that is a bit of knowledge that I did not know! Makes sense when you step back and look at Donkey Kong!

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