Pac-Man Bento Lunch

Bento, according to Wikipedia, is a “single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. A traditional bento consists of rice, fish or meat, and one or more pickled or cooked vegetables, usually in a box-shaped container.” In Japan, Bento meals can be either home made or bought pre-packaged in stores. To be honest with you, I’m only familiar with them through pop-culture. It may be hard to believe, but most convenient stores in Oklahoma do not carry them.

Custom Bento lunches are a popular art form, and while looking for one online I ran across this one:

Per “This appetizing Pacman Bento took over six hours to complete. It includes a wide range of ingredients making it extremely healthy and nutritious as well as awesomely cool. This Pacman was made with tamagoyaki (egg), nori (seaweed) and akai kamaboko (fish cake) while the ghosts were made with carrot, ham, hard-boiled egg and nori. Some of the other ingredients include stuff like tonkatsu (pork cutlet), gohan (steamed rice), sunomono (vinegared cucumbers), strawberries and orange slices … mmm.”

Mmm, indeed.

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3 thoughts on “Pac-Man Bento Lunch

  1. Drahken says:

    I only know bentos from all the manga I read & anime I watch. They always depict it as being a pretty fundamental part of japanese culture, primarily for anyone going to school, but also for people at work. Having someone to make one for you is supposed to be something special, and people in the anime/manga are often judged on their bento making ability.

  2. Bentos are always awesome, but this is even more so. The only thing they left out is a California Egg Roll Energizer.

  3. I just found out that Musashi’s (a local Japanese steak house) serves bento lunches, so I’m going to try to make my way over there for lunch one day next week and try one!

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