Tom Savini On Nickelodeon’s Livewire (1982)

Do you remember Nickelodeon’s evening talk show called Livewire? It was hosted by voice and sound effects artist, Fred Newman back in the early 80s. Thanks to Halloweenguy 1031’s YouTube Channel we can see him interview the legendary master of gore as well as creature effects, Tom Savini.

I love this piece of video history. Not only is Savini talking about Creepshow but he mentions that they are going to do a remake of the Thing. So…was Savini up for the effects on the Thing or was it always Rob Bottin?

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4 thoughts on “Tom Savini On Nickelodeon’s Livewire (1982)

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Tom Savini is The Man.

    Coupla things:
    – His fanged opening reminds me he was (and I think still is) interested in writing/directing a vampire pirate movie since forever. Hope he gets to do it someday.

    -Back then, the arrival of lifelike gore in mainstream movies seemed to happen swiftly and was kinda weird. I mean sure Friday The 13th was for adults (then) but the R rating meant teens could access it with an older sibling. It was harder here in Canada because the rating was an uncompromised 18+, no exceptions.

    -Because of that, it’s odd to see Savini talking to kids about gorey effects (though understandable, as I was an FX fan from the age of 10). And of his Vietnam inspirations for his visceral visuals? “That’s all I’ll say about it”. Hmm, wise move Tom.

    -Any doubts I had about actual skeletons in the Poltergeist pool are dust to dust.
    India exports are more varied than I would’ve expected.

    -And finally. Did I mention Tom Savini is The Man?
    Cuz he is.

  2. Drahken says:

    This is kind of a double head-scratcher for me. I’m not remotely familiar with the livewire show (I have heard of it before, but only from seeing it in some list of old nick shows), and have never heard of tom savini.

  3. @Atari Adventure Square You are 100% correct, my friend. Tom Savini was probably the first make-up/effects artist I was aware of, thanks to specials like this of course.

    @Drahken I’ll need you to travel to my secret location and we will start your education on Savini with Dawn of the Dead and work our way through Day of the Dead, Creepshow, Creepshow 2, and on through his work in Grindhouse. ;)

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