Caine’s Arcade By Nirvan Mullick

See that little boy in that picture up above? That is Caine. He is a 9 year old who decided to create his own Arcade in front of his Father’s parts store. I promise that after you watch this incredibly charming short film by his friend, Nirvan Mullick, you’ll not only have the biggest grin on your face and perhaps a tear in your eye but you’ll want to go visit Caine’s Arcade for yourself!

Caine’s Arcade from Nirvan Mullick on Vimeo.

I make a prediction that this kid is going to take over the world! :D

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5 thoughts on “Caine’s Arcade By Nirvan Mullick

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Yeah it got a mite dusty in here while this was on.

    As a result of people viewing the video and taking heart in his joyful resourcefulness, Caine received support for his college fund upwards of 130k and, after a visit to Pins And Needles in Cali, playing his first game of pinball, Molly Atkinson, the owner of the arcade, gave him the choice of his own pinball machine.

    Somedays, I just love planet Earth.

  2. @Retroist Same here, friend.

    @Atari Adventure Square That is FANTASTIC news about Caine, man! I can only hope he’ll install that pinball machine in his own arcade. Thank you for sharing that bit of good news! :D

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