Jack Tramiel

Founder Of Commodore Computers: Jack Tramiel R.I.P. (1928-2012)

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Sad news today for those of us whose first experience with a computer was a Commodore product. It was announced by Jack Tramiel’s family that the man responsible for the Vic 20 and the Commodore 64 passed away last Sunday at the age of 83.

Thanks to Forbes contributor, Dave Thier for the heads up on this bit of news as well as this excerpt from his article:

“Jack Tramiel was an immense influence in the consumer electronics and computing industries. A name once uttered in the same vein as Steve Jobs is today, his journey from concentration camp survivor to captain of industry is the stuff of legends,” says Martin Goldberg, a writer working on a book about the Atari brand and the early days of video games and computing with Atari Museum founder Curt Vendel.

“His legacy are the generations upon generations of computer scientists, engineers, and gamers who had their first exposure to high technology because of his affordable computers – ‘for the masses and not the classes.’”

To learn more about Tramiel and the Commodore legacy he helped to craft make sure to check out the Retroist’s VIC 20 podcast!