What if the Facebook were invented in the 1990s?


Despite the fact that prefer the look of the Facebook in this video to the modern one. I just know that since I have a difficult time using the modern version of Facebook, I can only imagine what sort of grumblings I would have had with the 1990s version.

5 Responses to What if the Facebook were invented in the 1990s?

  1. Even in the 90s the change to timeline sucked.

  2. Bill Beams says:

    And as ALF would say……HAAAA!

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:

    “Tried calling you but the line was busy. Were you on the Internet?”
    Talk about your 14.4k baud modem memories.

    Just as well we didn’t have ‘The Facebook’ then, cuz you’d never have heard your real friends’ voices again.

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