Dancing with Han and Lando in Kinect Star Wars

I did not plan on getting this game, but I think I need to experience this madness first hand.

Yes I know it is not retro as games go, but it does trample all over Empire and that has to count for something.


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14 thoughts on “Dancing with Han and Lando in Kinect Star Wars

  1. We actually disagree on something…

    They should never have put this in this game, this should be an expansion pack for one of the dancing games like Dance Central.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Cannot be unseen…

    Somebody get Greedo to put Dancin’ Solo out of his misery.

  3. Zoltar says:

    The youngling in me has been killed (for good this time. I swear).
    Lucas hates us all….
    Anger lead to hate..hate leads to suffering.

  4. Okay, at first I thought this was a really bad concept…particularly humiliating for poor Han. But then I started dancing along. Now I can’t stop myself from doing the “The Speeder,” “Chewie Hug” and “Trash Compactor.” I think I’ll start a new fitness craze. What Zumba Fitness did for Latin music, Galactic Dancercize will do for Star Wars. Naturally, I’ll need to create a corresponding line of apparel, footwear and accessories. I must also think about developing an “aqua” version, maybe Galactic Swimercize. Gotta go, so much to do…

  5. Badwolf says:

    This is just bad.

    I’m sorry – real fans will look at this and cringe (as well they should). There is nothing good here, nothing of merit. Pure and simple, this is Lucas being a money-grubbing whore of the highest order, and I really like the guy.

  6. Drahken says:

    “I must also think about developing an “aqua” version, …”
    Great, now I can’t help picturing han singing “I’m a barbie girl, in the barbie world, wrapped in plastic, it’s fantastic”, and chewie sing the “c’mon barbie, lets go party” lines.

  7. Badwolf says:

    I am really confused about the self-mockery, the self-loathing that is going on here. Star Wars is obviously the jewel in the crown of Lucasfilm LTD, but it repeatedly messed with and mocked by it’s creator. I am scratching my head.

    I’m glad George Lucas has chosen to leave “American Graffiti” alone.

  8. I am just speculating, but maybe because he peaked as a director in the 1970s and SW has pretty much controlled his life he resents it or does not care about its legacy outside of what he can draw from it immediately.

    What I find confusing is that this hits the streets today and yet the Holiday Special is embarrassing?

  9. vinvectrex says:

    I don’t know. I consider myself an original trilogy purist and I thought I’d hate it. But, somehow, I find this fun. Since it is occurring in a video game – and not on film, I like it. Put the same thing into official Star Wars cannon and I’d be upset. The videogame format allows me to have fun with this – but still makes me cringe at the Holiday Special.

  10. Badwolf says:

    I’ve never seen the full “holiday special.” I have seen snippets and small sections, and I have heard the premise about helping Chewbacca get home for “Life Day.” I have seen Leia sing (cringe) and that’s about it.

    I’m sure it has it’s moments, but I really have to reserve judgement because I haven’t seen it.

    This game – on the other hand – takes one of the best-of-all-time likeable tough guy movie characters and turns him into a dancing fool. Sorry, but this is just wrong on SO many levels.

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