Arthur C. Clarke Predicts the Internet, Telecommuting and the PC in 1974

This video comes courtesy of Australian Broadcasting Corporation and shows the brilliant Arthur C. Clarke doing what he does best. Predicting the near future of technological achievement with remarkable clarity. Why this guy was not elected ruler of the world or at least to some vaunted “Master Architect” is beyond me. To predict computers will be important is one thing, but to talk about telecommuting and buying movie tickets online over a quarter of a century before they are a reality, is remarkable.

[via] Gizmodo


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2 thoughts on “Arthur C. Clarke Predicts the Internet, Telecommuting and the PC in 1974

  1. Dar says:

    He’s an amazing man, but to be fair some of those things were staples of Sci-Fi before him, I think.

  2. Retroist, I’m not sure that “theater reservations” and “movie tickets” are the same thing. Maybe Clarke thought the kid would be booking his seat for My Fair Lady.

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