What Comic Book Was I Reading In March Of 1987?

Actually, I was reading a lot of comic books at that time but this 4 issue limited series by Marvel Comics giving the lowdown on all of the Transformers was what I had tucked away in my book binder at school, within easy reach…because why would I want to know about math when I could learn more about Thundercracker and Wheeljack?

[Via] Comic Vine

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11 thoughts on “What Comic Book Was I Reading In March Of 1987?

  1. Absolutely Philip! I mean where else could I learn so much about the Sharkticons before the advent of the internet? By the way, love your site! :)

  2. Drahken says:

    Dreamwave revamped them when they had the TF license, they called theirs “more than meets the eye”. I think IDW also did some recently, but if so I don’t remember the title.
    There are 2 websites that have these up. One uses actual scans of the original comics, the other just uses the pic of the TF but puts the text portion in the HTML. I have both links in my bookmarks somewhere, I’ll have to try to find where.

  3. @Drahken Share those links when you get the time, I’d love to look through them again!
    @Professor Brian Oblivion Nothing will ever quite match the feeling of sitting in the Junior High cafeteria, not only playing D and D but passing around these issues, pointing out facts that we agreed and disagreed with. :)

  4. Drahken says:

    Funny, the toy tie-ins & the star comics are really the only marvel comics that I even bothered with back then. They were infinitely more self-contained. No long backstory to try to catch up on/come in in the middle of, and (most importantly) no money-grubbing endless crossover crap. It was rather sickening the way marvel couldn’t tell a single story without spreading it over 50 issues each, of 20 different titles each, of 30 different characters/groups.

  5. @Vic just the visual of that cover slaps me right across the face with a blast of warm nostalgic power! How Iconic where those transformers comics! Great post and thanks for the memories sir.

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