Remco Energized Spider-Man

Oh boy, climbing Spider-Man! I had a friend who was lucky enough to get this toy as a hand me down at some point in the 1980s. He had a bunch of Remco stuff if memory served me right. We spent hours finding things for Spidey to climb or pull. Not sure why, but just seeing him move made us giddy.


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3 thoughts on “Remco Energized Spider-Man

  1. I received this and the Incredible Hulk “log tossing” figure for…maybe my 8th B-Day. I ended up getting my Spider-Man stuck in a tree and my Father had to cut it down…needless to say Spider-Man didn’t do much climbing after that. Ha, ha.

  2. Anthony Scott says:

    Remembering this toy was what started me collecting back toys I used to have. I’ve got one now that’s never been removed from the box along with the box of extra accessories and the helicopter. The box has three price tags on it – 2 markdowns. I guess they couldn’t get rid of the things back then, but it cost me a lot to acquire it a couple of years ago…

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Never could get into figures that had little or no articulation points.

    I actually received this Spidey toy, and after a couple of pitiful climbs in front of my godmother who purchased it, she scoffed and offered to return it for something else.
    I didn’t offer much resistance and must’ve got some much-needed Bionic accessory instead.

    I loved Spider-Man, but already had a Mego that I would swing about with a string tied to his hand. Much more efficient, IMHO.
    And he could strike the classic comic poses.

    Also, it was a thing with me that my figures could interact size-wise. So my Mego collection were a go-to League of Justice And Fun that would never mingle with my scruffy-looking GI Joes and nattily-dressed Big Jims.

    To say nothing of my exiled FP Little People, long banished to The Farm.

    A lone ‘moo’ in the night would alert of an attempt to escape confinement.
    But short of a Frank Morris figure among them, none ever would.
    None ever would again.

    Sorry guys.

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