C-3PO’s Cereal Box Masks


As a kid I was a very big fan of C-3PO’s cereal. I gobbled up the stuff during its way too short run and I collected each mask and carefully cut each one out. I then proceeded to wreck them by wearing them around the house for days on end. I might not own the masks anymore, but I can remember the magic of these Star Wars Collectibles, thanks to some wonderful uploads by the prolific Jason Liebig. He has posted not one or two, but four of the six collectible masks on his Flickr page. If you go to the largest file size, you can even print them, cut them out and eat your favorite non-droid theme cereal as your favorite Star Wars character.

Kelloggs C-3PO's cereal box - Free Star Wars Mask - Luke Skywalker - 1984

Kelloggs C-3PO's cereal box - Free Star Wars Mask - Yoda - 1984

Kelloggs C-3PO's cereal box - Free Star Wars Mask - Stormtrooper - 1984

Canadian Kelloggs C-3PO's cereal box - Free Star Wars Mask - C3PO - 1984

2 Responses to C-3PO’s Cereal Box Masks

  1. vinvectrex says:

    I see that last box appears Canadian, with its English and French titles. I wonder if our friends in Canada can explain to me what the cereal’s shape was supposed to represent? I see neither a C, nor a 3, nor a P, nor an O. Although if you nibble at that shape, you could make any of those letters or the number. Which, as a kid, I did.

  2. Unfortunately my strongest memory of C-3POs was the night I ate a brimming bowl full and followed it with a huge glass of ginger ale. That stayed down for about 12 parsecs.

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