Creature From The Black Lagoon By Ben Dunn!


I think I have something here to make your day better. I present for your perusal the artistic talents of Ben Dunn from over on deviantART. Ben is wise enough to realize that the only way to make a Creature From the Black Lagoon illustration better is to add a fight between the classic Universal Monster…and an alligator!

4 Responses to Creature From The Black Lagoon By Ben Dunn!

  1. Monsterfink says:

    Now that’s a thing of beauty

  2. VicSage says:

    I’d certainly hand over my 9 bucks at the movie theaters to see this type of Creature from the Black Lagoon film! Of course I’d just as happily hand over my 9 bucks to see the original film in the theaters as well. :)

  3. daniel clavette says:

    The art photo of creature fighty alligator is truly cool and truly amazing.

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