Original Battlestar Galactica Jacket Ad

I remember this ad and trying to talk my Mom into buying me one. I was never very nice to my jackets, so you probably saw that the lifespan of this coat would have been very very low. Still, I would have worn this thing until it was in tatters and probably a long time after that.

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9 thoughts on “Original Battlestar Galactica Jacket Ad

  1. I wonder how many people actually wore a Battlestar Galactica jacket to a disco!

    I find it odd that the words “Battlestar Galactica” never actually appear in that ad.

  2. @Saturday World You are NOT the only person who wants to order one right now, friend!

    Do you have to go to the Disco though if you get one of these jackets?

  3. RetroArt says:

    Stared at this ad all through my youth on the backs of FAMOUS MONSTERS, STARLOG and probably FANTASTIC FILMS.
    As a kid i thought it would be awesome to strut around in the Warrior’s Battle Jacket, using the Warrior’s Battle Pack for my school bag. But I never held any hopes of getting one- I felt I wasn’t worthy.
    The Jacket would’ve hung on my skinny prepubescent frame as if it was on a wire hanger.
    In fifth grade, I was not man enough to sport the Warrior’s Battle Jacket.

  4. Nightowl says:

    I still have mine and it still fits, more or less. I can’t quite buckle the bottom buckle right now, but who cares, it still looks good.

  5. toasterpop says:

    This ad brings back memories. I wanted this jacket SO bad. I begged my parents for it but my mom said “Don’t be stupid” I still want one :( I would definitely wear it to the space disco and be proud to do it.

  6. Anthony Clements says:

    I SO wanted one, and still do, along with the BSG helm. I thought that whole uniform looked real good and I still think it works. Too bad we can’t get them for 50 again.

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