Enchanted World: Ghosts

The Enchanted World was a series of books released by Time-Life back in the 1980s. There were 21 books in all. I didn’t own all of them but somehow, I ended up with this one:


Despite checking yard sales and book stores, I rarely run across other books from the series. Maybe they were whisked away to an enchanted world?

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7 thoughts on “Enchanted World: Ghosts

  1. Drahken says:

    Wow, I recognize that. I hadn’t thought about that book in ages. That knight with the glowing face is hard to forget.
    Unfortunately, the stories within are much easier to forget. In fact, I can’t remember a single thing about a single one of them. :S

  2. I had a bunch of these books until very recently and I know where I got them. I sent away and bought them. I did not love the writing, but I really enjoyed the pictures in them.

  3. Melanie1001 says:

    I’m surprised I don’t remember these – I had the Mysteries of the Unknown series, but don’t even remember ever hearing of this set!

  4. Dax says:

    I’ve got several of these, from my old Time-Life subscription days–my kids like looking through them (though the Ghosts one creeps them out).

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