My Favorite Doctors #4 – The Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison)

“You know how it is; you put things off for a day and next thing you know, it’s a hundred years later.”

Last time I talked about The Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton). Today I’d like to talk a little about my pick for #4 of my top 5 Doctors. The Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison).

When Tom Baker and the BBC made the announcement that he was leaving the show it was decided that his replacement should be not only a contrast to Baker’s Doctor, but also someone already known to the British public. Enter Peter Davison. Davison had earned some acclaim for his role on All Creatures Great and Small. Twenty-nine at the time, Davison was the youngest actor to have played the Doctor, that is until Matt Smith, who was twenty-seven, became the Eleventh Doctor.

Whereas the Fourth Doctor had grown very aloof and well, Time Lordy as he got older, the Fifth was very open and compassionate. He could be soft-spoken and exasperated, sometimes fleeing from danger like the 2nd Doctor. But when needed he could be courageous and tell off his foes, showing indignation much like the First Doctor. He was also more open with his companions, treating them like equals rather then a subordinate. He was also more diplomatic then previous Doctor’s had been. Often he’d try to talk his way out of a bad situation without having to result to physical aggression. He could be indecisive in a crisis. Sometimes second guessing his decisions.

The Fifth Doctor was “my second Doctor” and the one I saw the most adventures of besides Tom Baker’s Doctor. Watching the Fifth was also where I realized that the Doctor could “change” his appearance. At first I thought they’d pulled a “James Bond” and just changed actors. Later on I learned about the whole regeneration thing.

I enjoy this era of the Doctor greatly. Not as flashy as some of the others but there’s a charm to them that I’m very fond of. His more then any of the other Doctor’s makes me think of quiet Sunday afternoon’s spent watching the Doctor’s adventures in time and space.

So until next time when I come back with my pick for number three…Be seeing you…

Professor Brian Oblivion

Part Time Lord. Part '80's horror film. All Nerd. If they made a movie of my life it would be shot on video and directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis.

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4 thoughts on “My Favorite Doctors #4 – The Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison)

  1. I concur with the esteemed, Daniel Th1rte3n! Though Davison is sadly one of my least watched incarnations of the Doctor, not sure what I was doing during that time of my life, probably playing video games. Thankfully there are some available on Netflix Instant.

  2. wipa12 says:

    Peter Davison was my first doctor and for the most part is still my favorite. I remember the first time I watched Doctor who. I had just moved to Florida in 84 and I was up late watching the local PBS station. The story was Kinda and I was hooked after the first few minutes. I have watched ever since

    Thanks for great article I look forward to the next

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