The Black Hole Theatrical Trailer (1979)

I remember after watching the Black Hole in the theaters for the first time, my Father took me to McDonald’s so that I could run off a little excess energy at the indoor McDonaldland playground. While I was happily climbing around the insides of the Officer Big Mac Climb-In Jail Playground…

…I struck up a fleeting friendship with two brothers that were doing the same. While we all imagined we were inside of the Millennium Falcon instead of Officer Big Mac they informed me they were going to see the Black Hole after they were done playing. I told them how much I liked the movie and even at that age I resisted spoiling the film for them but I did warn them how scary the towering robot Maximilian was.

I never met the two brothers again but I certainly hoped they ended up liking the Black Hole as much as I did.

[Via] Xussia’s YouTube Channel

Take a look at this incredible alternate theatrical posters thanks to our friends over at IMP Awards!


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6 thoughts on “The Black Hole Theatrical Trailer (1979)

  1. vinvectrex says:

    Vic – that’s a great story. I remember my dad taking me to this movie too. But, I for one wasn’t scared of Maximillian -I was terrified of the ending. I think my dad was a bit surprised at the turn the Disney film took. And, from now on, when I see Officer Big Mac, I’m thinking Millenium Falcon.

  2. I never had the opportunity to see this film in the theatre, but I did see it on TV. I fell in love with that movie, and I now own the DVD version of it. Definitely one of my favorite movies.

  3. Yeah, the ending for the Black Hole is pretty intense to say the least. My Father and I talked on the drive back home about it all and while he didn’t care for the movie as much as I did he really liked the Captain Nemo aspect of Dr. Hans Reinhardt.

  4. Omg I remember that big mac jail thing! I remember the playground at mcdonalds was actually pretty cool, not a bunch of gross, sagging, cheap plastic garbage that is it today.

  5. Yeah, the McDonaldland playground was pretty hoss. Though the Officer Big Mac was taller at the McDonalds in my neck of the woods, this isn’t because I was remembering it when I was smaller…you had to climb up a metal ladder to get up to the top and look out the hole in the top of Big Mac’s helmet.

  6. Our Mcdonald’s Playland also had the larger Big Mac, as well as an inflatable dome like structure that covered the entire playland, making it functional year round…

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