Happy Valentine’s Day From Stop Motion Smurfs!

I was aiming to post an episode of the Smurfs, possibly a Valentine’s Day special when this stop motion video popped up under my search conditions. I knew that I had found the perfect Valentine’s Day treat.

[Via] Lleski’s YouTube Channel

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, make it a Smurfy one!


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2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day From Stop Motion Smurfs!

  1. Best. Valentine video. ever! Great find (as always) mister sage! I really don’t know how you do it and go to a job every day. Happy Valentines to everybody at Retroist!! You guys are tops!

  2. Thanks for the very kind words, CW! Allow me to act out a scenario that might better explain my work process.

    Guest: “I just figured with all of these reviews that your establishment would at least have a Spa or a masseuse on call. I’m trying to make a last minute special Valentine’s memory for my woman here and I just keep hitting…”
    Vic: *Inner Monologue* “Hm, the guest is right. It is Valentine’s Day! I wonder if the Smurfs ever had a Valentine’s special…Hm…it’s probably copyrighted or some such but possibly someone on YouTube has an old TV commercial for it?”
    Vic: “Actually there is a Spa pretty much down the street from us and if you take your key card holder you’ll get a 20% discount.”

    End scene.

    Hope everyone had a Smurfy Valentine’s Day!

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