Swamp Thing Public Service Announcement

I love bad cinema. I also love movies based off of comics and cartoons. When I have the ability to combine the two, it makes for some interesting adventures (or torture…sometimes I get the two mixed up).

I was watching The Return of Swamp Thing (1989) on DVD the other day (there was nothing on TV and it had been years since I watched it), and I decided that I would check out the special features. I’m glad that I did, for I had found one of the greatest hidden treasures that such a horrible movie could give me…Swamp Thing in a PSA for Greenpeace.

I think the greatest part is the pun at the end. I can’t help but laugh each time I watch this. It’s so horrible.

Thanks to YouTube user Quackerson for the upload.

4 thoughts on “Swamp Thing Public Service Announcement

  1. @Doug Wow, that is spooky! I’m planning on possibly watching The Shadow on Friday night. I usually reserve Saturday nights to Svengoolie, unless they’re playing something that I have no desire to see. Which is how Return of Swamp Thing happened.

  2. @CW Actually, he looks closer to the comic in this one than he did in the first. Of course, the TV show version looked the closest to the comic book (and I’m talking the craptastic live action one, not the overly craptastic cartoon).

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