Box Art: Xevious Atari 7800 (1988)

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Xevious, even back in my youth when I would try to last more than a minute while playing it in the arcades. I still feel it was way too hard, not a Donkey Kong level of difficulty perhaps…but still a tough one.

I will say this though, the Atari 7800 port of the title has some really nice box artwork!

[Via] AtariAge

As I’ve stated before I sadly never owned an Atari 7800 but this video by Machines2jeux makes it look like a fairly nice port.

Xevious by the way was never released to the Atari 2600 or Atari 5200 home gaming systems. I find that odd.


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5 thoughts on “Box Art: Xevious Atari 7800 (1988)

  1. Drahken says:

    I remember plaing xevious a lot in the laundromats. Our rinky-dink town didn’t have any arcades, but every laundromat had a few arcade games, most country fair stores had a micro-arcade in some back room (typically 3 or 4 machines in a tiny room near the restrooms), and most of the departement stores in town had 2 or 3 machines in the entryway.

  2. Xevious was in development for the 5200 when the big game crash occurred, but never completely finished. Bootleg copies of the 99% functional 5200 version can be found if you know where to look, and run through an emulator.

    I think they never bothered with the 2600 because of the need for two separate fire buttons, and because the graphics would have had to be downscaled so much; vertical scrolling playfields are especially tricky on the 2600.

  3. Drahken says:

    There actually is a 2600 ROM of xevious floating around. I’m not sure if it’s an unreleased prototype or a homebrew. The need for 2 buttons is solved in it by having it be full autofire (the button isn’t needed at all). The graphics are flat-out horrible though, it gives the 2600 pacman game a run for it’s money. Here’s a screenshot of it running in MESS:
    The weird “A” looking thing near the center is your ship, the 3 saucer/rings on the right are the only recognizable things in the whole game, the thing in the upper-left corner is one of the tanks, the yellow lines are your bombs, and the wavey lines following the same path are your bullets.

    According to wikpedia, a 2600 version was “planned but never released”, so this -might- be a prototype of that game.

  4. Awesome find, Drahken!

    @Pab Sungenis Very good point about it’s release during the game crash, that is surely why the 5200 and 2600 titles didn’t get to the store shelves.

  5. Hollyfeld says:

    Loved playing this at lunch hour at Wizard’s Castle back in the 80s. Xevious and Dragons Lair were two of my faves; the Indiana Jones Temple of Doom game was pretty stellar also :)

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