Early Atari Arcade Design Concepts

I was looking through a website I usually visit for their repository of arcade manuals and I came across a collection of Industrial Design artwork from Atari that someone had acquired. Being a fan of the arcades and games of the early 70’s and 80’s, especially Atari, I found them quite fun to look through. I pulled out a few of the images dealing with the design ideas for an arcade. It appears that the images came for an earlier revision of the website I don’t see them on the current website but they do have a lot of other images and documents from Atari there.

The first one appears to be a fairly standard setup with pinball, skeeball and vids in the back. It’s all right but they need more games in my opinion

The next two have a futuristic space port feel to them. I like the theme but I’m not sure it would feel the same with the game cabinets that were to come soon. Atari got away from the fiberglass and molded plastic look pretty early on and went to the more cost effective wood box. In my opinion it’s a good look though.

The next one seems to be a tiki hut inspired all pong arcade. It appears they have barrel pong against the back wall, dual pong stations up front and maybe a pong/counter top in the middle there. I’m not sure how long this place would have stuck around.

The last image is the outside of Atari Adventure. It’s a cool looking place that for some reason seems to attract catalog models.

There are quite a few more of these sketches at Atari Artwork. The rest are mostly prototype game cabinet design. If you like that stuff you should take a look.