Coleco Mini Arcade Games were made with 80s Magic

My cousin has a great collection of mini-games and handhelds which made my summer nights staying up in the country extra fun. My favorite were of course the Coleco minis. What I did not realize at the times was how they were made. I thought it involved computers and heavy machinery, but this commercial says otherwise. See, back in the 1980s, casual arcader, Tommy Arcade, found a magical satin jacket and sunglasses that gave him the power to shrink full sized arcade games down to miniature form by doing jazz hands. From that point on he would be known as Mr. Arcade.

At some point in the mid 1980s Tommy went missing. Tommy, if your out there, we need your magical hands now more than ever. Please come home.


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6 thoughts on “Coleco Mini Arcade Games were made with 80s Magic

  1. vinvectrex says:

    I hope Tommy didn’t fall asleep with the jacket on, and accidentally shrink himself out of existence. I found my old Coleco Pac-Man this past weekend in a box I was cleaning out. I thought it had been sold at a garage sale long ago. Happy as I was to see it, I still wish it was Donkey Kong.

  2. plcary says:

    The only one I had was Ms. Pacman. I played it so much the joystick broke, but a little super glue and all was well. I found it a few years ago and my little nephew had broken the joystick off completely and lost it. He also drew all over it with permanent markers. Thanks nephew.

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I still have my Pac-Man mini.
    And I still need the twenty batteries to play it.

    I think I saw some battery-to-adapter kit at some point, while flipping through a video game mag, ages ago.
    Would love to get my hands on that.

  4. I never had any of these but I think Frogger and Ms. Pac-Man were re-released a few years ago. I remember seeing them in different catalogs.

    To this day one of my favorite product placements in a movie is the Donkey Kong miniature that Stripe plays in Gremlins.

  5. RC says:

    My older brother had the Galaxian version when we were kids which eventually ended up in my possession. I re-discovered it a few years ago and gave it back to my older brother to hand down to his son to enjoy for himself.

    It still works perfectly and is in great condition. I even still had the original box for it complete with price sticker. It cost $64 and was bought at Canadian Tire store. That is quite pricey, considering it came out in 1981.

    Have a look for yourselves of what Galaxian was like:

  6. RC says:

    I forgot to add that the Galaxian we got, came with an AC adapter so we never had to worry about buying loads of batteries. Only on long road trips did we need to use batteries.

    @SixMillionDollarJedi – You are correct. The mini Ms. Pac-Man and Frogger were re-released a little while back, looking slightly different than the originals. I never saw a new Galaxian version released though.

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