3 thoughts on “Apple II, Now Only $1,995

  1. Jim Collins says:

    I love that the free instruction is “for two.” Does the 21 hours count sleep/travel time? It sounds like this thing could turn on, run a simple word processor, and a calculator. Who, even back then, needed 21 hours of class time to work this stuff out? Any idea on when this ad ran? I’m guessing ’81?

  2. EightBitJoe says:


    The Apple II was a very versatile machine, capable of doing quite a bit, as all computers were at the time despite their meager system resources when compare to today’s machines. This offer included BASIC programming which, to folks whom this ad is targeting (first time computer users), was daunting. Twenty one hours total sounds just about right for a general introduction to the system, word processing tutoring, and taking your first steps into programming.

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