Visiting Santa

I ran across this picture recently while digging through a box full of old memories.


That’s me on the left there, sitting on Santa’s knee. And that’s my kindergarten teacher on the right, which would have made this 1978. The only thing on my list that year would have been Star Wars toys, and boy did Santa deliver them that Christmas.

Funny how times change. I’m pretty sure they don’t allow Christmas trees or even Santa in classrooms anymore.

Rob O'Hara

I'm into old video games, old arcade games, old computer games, writing, photography, computer/network security, and of course, the 1980s!

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One thought on “Visiting Santa

  1. plcary says:

    You brought up a memory that I had not thought about in a long time. Grade school Christmas parties. I think it was 2nd grade we drew names and exchanged gifts at the party. My gift was a round puzzle can of Planet of the Apes! I was one happy camper with that cool puzzle.

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