Scotty Using a Mac in Star Trek IV

This is one of my favorite scenes from Star Trek IV and even thought I know it the scene is coming up, I anticipate it, and still laugh when he tries to use the mouse as a mic.

That engineer could really hunt and peck. Ever wonder what happened to this particular Mac? You are not the only one…


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4 thoughts on “Scotty Using a Mac in Star Trek IV

  1. vinvectrex says:

    I’ve always enjoyed that scene too – even though it seemed Scotty was a bit too proficient at navigating the menus using the keyboard. Well, maybe the Enterprise runs on a future version of OS X.
    @Emma – I realize you were asking the Retroist, but my Capn’ Crunch t-shirt from the box offer arrived about a month ago. It’s a nice shirt.

  2. plcary says:

    I always liked that scene too. The only computer related scene I like better is the original episode where Spock has to try to build a computer from scratch when he and Captain Kirk are sent back in time to the 1930s? 1940s?

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