Dark Tower TV Commercial (1981)


I’ve stated before on the site that in my youth there was one board game that after seeing it’s TV commercial gripped my imagination and refused to let go. That game was the legendary Dark Tower by Milton Bradley. I never received one, I remember it being slightly expensive but that could just be my faulty memory banks, though I’ve been able to play around with one since…and I still want it.

For a young kid just getting started in TSR’s Dungeons and Dragons that commercial was right up my alley, besides it had Orson Welles in it!

I want to thank Retroist regular Magisterrex for uploading this fantastic commercial over on YouTube! Thanks to Jonathan Harrison over at Board Game Geek for sharing the box art to his own Dark Tower game.

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  1. vinvectrex says:

    One of the few games that lived up to its commercial. I loved this game – and while I never had it, my friend down the street did, and we spent many a happy hour with that tower. Would love to get my hands on one someday – but I hear the rate of tower failures is growing over time. There’s even a tower repair service advertising on ebay.

  2. Margie says:

    Thanks for posting this! We had two growing up (so my Dad could take one to work and play with friends there). We still have them, but we’ve had to had them repaired several times now. I still love the whirling sound of the images changing, and the sound effects always make me smile.

  3. I just dug up my very good conditioned Dark Tower game at my parent’s house. I tested the tower and it works perfectly. It’s about 98 percent complete aside from missing one key and a few red pegs.

    What should I do with it? The box is in great condition as well as the manual.

  4. Marco says:

    A good buddy of mine had the German version (I live in The Netherlands) and we played this game many times until well into adulthood… Loved it, unfortunately my buddy isn’t among us anymore and the game was lost, but still I have very good memories about this game and the hours spend together!

  5. VicSage says:

    @Patrick J. Doody Well…I can think of one thing you can do with it, friend. Get the rest of your friends over and have an awesome night of retro board game fun. Just picture me standing in the corner doing Orson Welles impressions. ;)

    @Marco Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. I wonder if there were any differences in the game play for the Netherlands version?

  6. Marco says:

    The name of the game was different (it was called Atlantis if I am correct…) and the words of course were in German (just as most computergames are translated into German), but I played the game on: http://www.hotflashgames.com/index.php?page=game.php&gameid=3
    and it is exactly the same.
    @Patrick J. Doody If I was in the neighborhood, I’d drop by for a game ;)

  7. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Holy smokin’ dragons, Marco! Great link!
    I’m playing it right now and feel like the Interwebs just hugged me.

    Tried out the game when it came out, but only for a week.
    Rented it from this local game shoppe but couldn’t get my friends to play before the weekend, and we ended up spending too much time getting the rules right on the one day someone showed up.
    Definitely a great game, but one you had to own and get used to.

    It was kinda pricey then, but the price is right on my browser tab, now.

    Just got The Plague.
    Never been happier.

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