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While doing a bit of thrifting last weekend I ran across this entire bookrack filled with old issues of TV Guide.


I had a hard time explaining to my son that when I was a kid we didn’t have a channel or a magic button that told us what time programs were going to air on television. He had all sorts of questions about what would happen if a football game ran long or a news program ran short, and if that would throw off the program times for the entire time.

When I told him that wouldn’t happen because channels went off the air around midnight, he just stared at me blankly …

Rob O'Hara

I'm into old video games, old arcade games, old computer games, writing, photography, computer/network security, and of course, the 1980s!

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7 thoughts on “TV Guides

  1. Rick Doherty says:

    To tie this into Christmas I remember when I was a kid making a TV Guide Christmas tree. you pretty much cut the tv guide to look like have a christmas tree and then glued cover to cover and painted it green.

  2. plcary says:

    I can not tell you how much I miss the old format TV Guide. Yes my satellite has a great built in guide and I have 2 different Ipad apps to find out what is on, but I still would love that small book size TV Guide with 24 hour listings for every channel. I even subscribe to the current TV Guide with it’s glossy magazine format but it’s just not the same.

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