The MST3K Scrapbook

If you were a hard core MSTie in the pre-Internet 90’s (MST3K Info Club 4 life, yo!), you were at the mercy of the whims of Comedy Central (or your tape collection) when it came to what episodes you could watch. Pre-DVD, the episodes themselves, or your too-infrequent newsletter were the only MST content you could really find. And you couldn’t have too much of Joel, Mike and the bots.

The only other offering that MSTies had was the rare MST3K Scrapbook, a VHS premium given to fans that was part production diary, part live appearances/convention footage, and part show clips. It was also the only pre-Web way most fans had to see any of the “season zero” shows that aired on public access TV station KTMA. (The three “lost” KTMA episodes remain the Holy Grail of MST fandom, of course.)

I was never lucky enough to get a copy, and the scrapbook will never be released again. However, through the miracle of packet switching, the entire thing is available on YouTube! It’s well worth any MSTie’s time. Hi-keeba!


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2 thoughts on “The MST3K Scrapbook

  1. The scrapbook video was one of the best things offered by the MST3K info club. (besides the “Bite Me, It’s Fun bumper sticker). Loved seeing how this show evolved from a cow town puppet show to a basic cable classic!

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