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Paxton Holly recently added 4 dazzling Pay Per View print ads to his Flickr Photostream. Pay per View used to be a much bigger deal for movies, because it was there that you could get movies that had just left the theaters or were still lingering in discount theaters, but had not yet come to home video. Now things have changed since you have things like streaming video or on demand video. Pay Per View seems to have been rebranded on the movie side of things or lumped in with other services, but still gets used for sporting events.

While a pay per view fight is exciting, nothing can match the titillation of a paid home viewing of Batman and Robin.


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2 thoughts on “This Month on Pay Per View Ads

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I still recall the absolute joy of catching movie channels’ sci-fi and fantasy flicks in the 80s. Being shinier and weirder than standard action fare, they were a better home-viewing catch than most other offerings.

    Caught Dragonslayer at my cousin’s house in the early 80s – on a small color TV with scrambled (but watchable) reception in his big brother’s room – and it was a positively thrilling experience.
    Maybe it was due to the fact we might lose the signal at any time (and did – had to re-adjust the knob) or that we might be evicted at any time.
    But we caught nearly all of it, that day.
    Not a great movie, but a terrific cable movie memory, for me.

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