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4 thoughts on “Ramona, Randy, Rhonda, Rodney the reindeer at Burger King

  1. Man, trippy! Last weekend at a garage sale the lady gave my son a stuffed animal that looks exactly like these but it was white and from Hallmark, 1985 but otherwise the same design,style, size, everything. Wow, flashback!!!

  2. Love Love Love these things! I still have Randy, Rhonda, and Rodney. Retro Justin you have hit on one of the things that is Nostalgia Gold to me. One of the objects that through my life became sort of an artifact for me (along with pogs, madballs, monster in my pocket and pound puppies. Well done! And please nobody judge me on this comment! = )

  3. michelle says:

    I still have all 4 of them rodney, rhonda, remona and randy and they are in excellant condition with tags still on them

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