Capture those Christmas memories with the Kodak Disc.

I hate having to turn the film/crank the camera to get to the next spot on the film before I can take a picture.  If only there was a way to avoid that…  Enter the Kodak Disc!  With this, almost completely automatic camera, taking photos of my family unwrapping their Christmas presents will be a breeze.

By the way, those toys are both awesome and scary at the same time..

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4 thoughts on “Capture those Christmas memories with the Kodak Disc.

  1. This was my first camera when I was a kid. I loved that freaking thing. I burned through so many of those discs, though, that I think my parents “lost” it one day and I never could find it.

  2. plcary says:

    I wanted one of those but never got it. What happened to all of them? I mean, I see tons of old cameras on every flea market trip but don’t think I have ever spotted a Kodak disc.

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