Laser Tag makes a nice Christmas gift, but give me that robot!

Seems like robots were a big deal in the 1980’s. I know they were for me. Had to have Verbot and then eventually a Robie Junior. While in elementary school, I even bought a book on robots during a school book sale. I dreamed of having my Coleco ADAM computer controlling a robot to do various chores around the house.

In this Toys ‘R Us commercial for Laser Tag, a human-sized robot tells us about Laser Tag, but I would rather have it sweeping my floors and making coffee =)

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5 thoughts on “Laser Tag makes a nice Christmas gift, but give me that robot!

  1. I agree with you 100%, Retro Justin! Why don’t we have robots cleaning the floors and making us coffee?! Where are the flying cars the Jetsons promised us? ;)

  2. Mike says:

    I had 2 Laser Tag sets — including the vests, which ensured you did not look like a blinking crossing guard — plus a neighborhood kid had one. Loved it. Sold them a couple years ago at a garage sale for $20. Thought they would have been worth more, but there was little on eBay to compare them to at the time.

  3. It’s funny how computer technology advanced exponentially, but mechanical technology seems to be at a stand-still..

    As for Laser Tag… You had it this long, WHY GET RID OF IT?!?

  4. Mike says:

    We were cleaning out my parents’ house after my mom passed away. I already save way too much obsolete technology, according to my wife.

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