Empire Strikes Back Cake Pans

When I go to garage sales I am always on the lookout for Star Wars themed cake pans. I have only seen one in my life in the wild and unfortunately the owner had a very strong sense of its worth. This very cool scan was sent in by dijital101 who found it in an old Wilton Cake catalog. A real gem of an ad, for an exciting piece of Star Wars memorabilia.


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7 thoughts on “Empire Strikes Back Cake Pans

  1. One of the flea markets near me as an R2 pan and a Vader pan for sale. They’re marked $60/each and they’ve been there for years. I should ask if they’ll take less.

  2. I just saw some MIP plastic Star Wars tablecloths at an antique shop the other day for 5 bucks each…they must have had 20 of them. Maybe I should go back and get some so I can plan the ultimate Star Wars Birthday that I never got when I was 6….

  3. I haven’t, but I’ll keep my eyes’ out for any. I’ve seen them on Ebay too, but they sometimes get a little pricey for my liking at times.

    These aren’t the Prices I’m looking for.
    (These aren’t the Prices I’m looking for….)

  4. dijital101 says:

    There are usually several of these on ebay but the prices are excessive. I did just find a Boba Fett pan on there but it’s $100.

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