Daktari TV Show Intro

This week, I am deeply immersed in the TV show Daktari (as should you). If you were to hang out with me over the last couple of days you would be very aware that I have been watching the show, because I walk around “singing” the theme song. It is really easy to learn, so why not sing along.



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3 thoughts on “Daktari TV Show Intro

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Another classic show from my youth I remembered absolutely nothing about, except its existence and the title theme song (even then only vaguely).

    I love the wave of retro love that brings us these gems from TV’s glorious, less-corpse-ridden past.

    For a while, I confusedly believed this show was borne from Daktari, cuz I recalled seeing a big-screen matinee movie of it at some point.
    Of course now I know the movie was Clarence, The Cross-Eyed Lion, and John Wayne’s film involved murdering animals, not healing them.

    Daktari had a much better premise for a TV show.
    Back then.

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