Chocolate Space Invader Candy Bar

Do you love chocolate? Do you love video games? Did you, just like me, take a look at the picture below and realize that chocolate blocks make perfect pixels? You knew already? Okay, I can be a little slow on the uptake sometimes, but don’t judge me. Let’s not have that fight again…

Where was I? Oh yeah, Chocolate Space Invader!

This pixelated beauty is handmade from bean to bar and would make a wonderful gift for the retro gamer in your life. The process for making this bar is documented on the Chocolate Invader website and it doesn’t look like they cut any corners, from the chocolate, to the mold, all the way to the presentation, the Chocolate Space Invader Candy Bar looks like a winner. Each 50g bar you order is shipped for free and comes gift-ready with:

* special edition laser engraved wood box.
* invader mini-poster
* invader sticker
* invader postcard

So if your having difficulty deciding on an interesting gift this holiday season why not drop by the Chocolate Invader website and check it out.


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One thought on “Chocolate Space Invader Candy Bar

  1. indieseoul says:

    Looks great and tasty but the name has something to be desired. I mean Chocolate invader? Doesn’t that sound a bit you know like a homophobic insult?

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