Can You Name All 45 of these Classic Cartoon and Video Game Characters?

In this playful and fun gem by Dirk Erik Schulz, he challenges you to identify all 45 of these classic characters.

[via] Dirk Erik Schulz


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7 thoughts on “Can You Name All 45 of these Classic Cartoon and Video Game Characters?

  1. Matt Stilwell says:

    I could only get….
    Top Cat
    Count Duckula
    Dick Dastardly
    Woody Woodpecker
    Danger Mouse
    Jessica Rabbit

    Who is the guy in grey right after Sally ?

  2. Matt, I believe that is Murky Dismal from Rainbow Brite.

    I’m going to have to agree with Caffeinated Joe, this needs to be available for framing!

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Actually I don’t see Top Cat (don’t see enough of him anymore), but I do see Secret Squirrel up top in the middle.

    The Count’s number lesson is decidedly no longer appropriate for Sesame Street’s toddler crowd. It’s obviously meant for me.

    The bearded villain in the middle looks like Pertwee era’s The Master.

    And look! It’s Hong Kong Phooey at the bottom.

    Also randomly spotted Kim Possible (from those ubiquitous DVD covers at the store) and possibly maybe Grim Fandango smoking a butt.

    And nobody mentioned The Inspector? I heard the theme music the moment I saw him. Can’t you hear that?

    And lastly, I don’t think that’s Spy at the top.
    It’s Spy.

  4. Atari, I think you are quite right about Spy…it’s obviously Spy.

    The bearded gentleman is actually Dr. Byron Orpheus from the Venture Bros. on Adult Swim. I’m not sure though who the young man/boy sitting with his harmonica on the right is though.

  5. DMDutcher says:

    There’s also:

    One of the Gator Brothers from Tazmania
    Klayten from the Neverhood
    Inspector Clouseau
    Crow from Earthworm Jim
    Ponyo’s father
    Courage the Cowardly dog
    One of the “Aah! Real Monsters!”
    I believe the robot with the green dome is Ratchet and Clank’s nemesis.

    That’s about all I can place offhand.

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