NBC Picks up Reboot of The Munsters

Great news Munster’s fans, NBC has given the greenlight to Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller’s idea to reboot the classic TV series. The show had been kicked around for a little while and NBC has previously passed on it. There are not a ton of details on what to expect from this new Munsters except in tone, the show is being described as a visually spectacular one-hour drama. I do not mind the visually spectacular part, heck I don’t even mind an injection of drama, but I do hope they keep it a little tongue in cheek and they definitely need to keep all the original characters.

Rumors are, that the show could be a big summer series. We will have to wait and see. Are you excited about The Munsters as a reboot? Do you think it will be a hit or a dud?

[via] Deadline


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12 thoughts on “NBC Picks up Reboot of The Munsters

  1. Herman is key, I hope they go with a no name. I already heard people speculating on well know actors and I would rather not see any of them, even buried under makeup.

  2. Brad Garrett does a great Herman Munster impression. He would be fantastic if there was a big-screen adaptation of it. He’s tall and has Herman’s mannerisms down pat.

    I think this will fail miserably. Remakes of TV shows don’t have a great track record, especially if the formula is changed. “The Bradys” anyone?

  3. I’m going to side with the Retroist, especially with the yanking around of Community, and keep my fingers crossed on this show. Hope they don’t screw with the theme song too much.

  4. vinvectrex says:

    I found Pushing Daisies to be fantastic, so while I normally wouldn’t be too interested, I’ll definitely give this a shot.

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