Hollywood Party (1934) on DVD

I have seen pieces of Hollywood Party over the years, but have never seen it in its complete form. About 2 years ago I decided to remedy that and pick it up on DVD. Unfortunately it was only available on VHS. I could not believe a film with such a cult potential wasn’t available, so I decided to wait and see (and kept missing it on TCM). That waiting stretched on till last week, when I finally got my copy on DVD (thank-you Warner Archive). I kind of knew what to expect with Hollywood Party, but its randomness is off the charts. Just take a peek at this trailer to see what your missing…

The screen’s great Schnarzan (Jimmy Durante) wants to wow the visiting Baron Munchausen (Jack Pearl, reprising his familiar vaudeville and radio character) by throwing him a big, bustling Tinseltown bash. Hollywood Party – 8 directors and 8 writers (2 credited) strong – is the wild, wildly inconsistent but ever fun musical-novelty result, packed with kicky dance montages offering pre-Code chorines and Berkeley-like kaleidoscopic shots, spiked with a color cartoon insert from Walt Disney, muscled up with Schnarzan’s lion-wrasslin,’ and thronged with notables (including Mickey Mouse, Ted Healy and his Stooges and Mr. Laurel and Mr. Hardy, who put an egg in Lupe Velez’s shoe and are duly repaid). Dress to impress!

Hollywood Party is currently only available on DVD through the Warner Archive. Pick up your copy today.


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One thought on “Hollywood Party (1934) on DVD

  1. Got this the other day. Great to see L&H in a comedic battle with Lupe Velez, and Durante’s takeoff on Tarzan is hilarious. Plus Stooges!

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