Dinosaucers, the other Half of the Dino Power Hour

In the late 1980s the USA Network ran the “Dino Power Hour”, which featured “Denver the Last Dinosaur” and the tragically overlooked “Dinosaucers”. The show was well produced, involved dinosaurs and was ready made for a toyline. Yet no toys ever made it past the prototype phase and even though they made a whopping 65 episodes of the show, very few of the episodes have made it to home video. Only Season 1 is Available as VOD through Amazon.

The show did have some similarities to the Transformers in that you had two factions coming to earth and battling for resources. But Dinosaucers was totally different because it was about Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs!

Interested or just miss Dinosaucers? Here is part 1 of episode 1 of the series. If you search on YouTube you will find part 2 and a couple of other episodes.