Star Wars Pewter Chess Set

Ads for Pewter Chess sets have run in magazine for decades. I fear that if the magazine business goes away in the future, the pewter chess set industry won’t be far behind. Civil War Chess, LOTR and most tragically Star Wars chess sets will become memories. Who will mourn for pawn ewok? You think about that the next time you pass up a newsstand or download your precious e-zine.

This wondrous ad from 1994 was upload by Paxton Holley and shared in the Retroist Image Pool.


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3 thoughts on “Star Wars Pewter Chess Set

  1. Luke says:

    It’s one of the gunner’s seats from the Millennium Falcon. If you look at the piece in your hands, you can see he has the headset on, and the joystick has the grid layout printed on it.

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