Nightmare’s Bishop of Battle


Nightmares was a 1983 horror anthology film. It started as a TV project but was deemed to intense for TV and released in theaters. For some reason, my 6th grade teacher showed it in class one day. Hey, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I was happy to see it and loved this section with Emilio Estevez called “Bishop of Battle”. This hit at the height of the arcade’s golden age and is a good vid for our friends meeting at 1984.


Doug is a child of the 80s who was raised in Ohio and is now living the life of oblivion in the bay area of California.

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13 thoughts on “Nightmare’s Bishop of Battle

  1. Metal Ghost says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! I’ve been looking for either the full clip, if not the entire movie, since it made the Retro Gaming Roundup podcast’s top-10 video game related movies list a few months back. Couldn’t find it anywhere though, until now!

  2. This is one my FAVORITE bits of film. I have the VHS of Frightmares and I love this particular chapter.

    Plus, I live close to the Fox Hills Mall where the arcade is. Sadly, it’s no longer there, but I think I know where it used to be.

    BTW – the voice of the Bishop is James Tolkan – better know to 80s’ film fans as Gerald Strickland, the principal at Hill Valley High School.

    Great post!

  3. I haven’t even watched the clip yet but I can still hear “I am the Bishop of Battle. Master of all I survey.” very clearly in my head.

  4. Okay, so because I’m such a nerd for Los Angeles, I figured out where this arcade is. And it’s still there!

    Just type in 719 South Broadway, Los Angeles, CA in Google Maps. Step into street view – and that will show you the facade of the Woolworth Building (which is what clued me in to the location – you can see Woolworth’s in the background when they walk in.)

    Spin 180 and voila – there you are.

    Still there. You can just make out the sign in the film, which is exactly the same as it is now.

  5. Metal Ghost says:

    @Patrick J. Doody – wow, what a find man, good job! I can’t believe it’s still there. If those kids thought it was a tough area back almost 30 years ago, get a load of the area now! Cool that it’s still there though, not only standing but actually an Arcade.

  6. This is awesome, Patrick! I did in fact make a joke to the crew of 1984 about Emilio Estevez in this segment, in regards to the high score that was achieved on the Tron competition machine.

  7. Doug, by the way the television project was actually Darkroom! Just like you said though, they felt it was too intense and decided to pad it for running time. :)

  8. @Vic – wait, Nightmares was originally some segments for Darkroom? But, they did make a series called Darkroom with Our Man Flynt hosting it, didn’t they?

    I remember that show. There’s a great one with Billy Crystal. But one the best ones is where a kid gets two packs of army toys, and his crazy stepdad (?) who was in the army ends up fighting them in a war in their driveway.

  9. Patrick, that is indeed the show I am talking about. That episode where the guy has to fight the army men toys stars Ronny Cox if I remember correctly…before he was the man in charge on Mars of course. ;)

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