NBC Fall 1983 Lineup “Be There”

NBC in the fall of 1983 was pretty amazing for me. Watching this promo, I can remember whiling away the hours on the giant brown couch in my family’s living room. Everything seems like gold to me.

I wish that they would still make promo videos like this to get people excited for the new season. Although the definition of slick and cool has changed so drastically in the last few decades I am not sure I would enjoy it as much, but I willing to give it a look.


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9 thoughts on “NBC Fall 1983 Lineup “Be There”

  1. An old boss of mine at my first TV job had a boatload of VHS tapes with all these line-up videos. This was his favorite due to the black piano key turning into Mr. T’s mohawk.

    According to him, even though Johny Carson was a major star at the network, he HATED doing these – hence his absence in a majority of the clips. And in any that had group shots, Johnny was always featured solo because he didn’t come to the shoots.

    Regarding newer versions of these, the WB for years did similar promos on the network featuring Buffy hanging with Dawson on a couch, Charmer partying with Lex Luther on a studio catwalk, etc… They were SO hokey, but I loved them.

    Great post!

  2. Actually, ABC did do a promo show to promote their new season this year. It was a lot of fun to watch. I don’t know about the other networks though.

  3. NBC did a promo show as well and I liked that, but I would like to see more of these short mashed up type promos running on the network leading up to the fall season.

  4. Yeah NBC has been hurting since their debacle with Jay Leno. Hard to believe that’s the network that gave us so many classic shoes in the 80s. I hope they get things back on track soon.

  5. The Past says:

    This is my favorite promo. I sing this at work all the time and it brings back such happy memories of sitting together as a family and watching television. Now shows aren’t written, they are reality and family members watch TV in separate rooms. Thank you for the memories this promo brings back.

  6. bob says:

    “Although the definition of slick and cool has changed so drastically in the last few decades”
    I would agree with that statement, if there was no “Dancing With the Stars.” That’s old-school corny.

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