1991’s TMNT Sewer Sports All-Stars

I had generally stopped playing with my TMNT toys by 1991, but still thought the Ninjas were pretty cool and I picked the Sewer Sports toys up at KB Toy and Hobby when they came out. For years I had a Wrestling Michelangelo on my desk at various offices I worked at, he was quite the conversation starter. Then one day he just disappeared. Office theft? Maybe. Shredder and his goons? Definitely.

Besides the wrestling Shell Slammin’ Mike, they also Slam Dunkin’ Don, T.D Tossin’ Leo and Grand Slammin’ Raph. All of them are worthy of your precious playtime, even the oddly European-seeming Soccer playing Shell Kickin’ Raph.


Garry Vander Voort

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3 thoughts on “1991’s TMNT Sewer Sports All-Stars

  1. CarlosTheDwarf says:

    I rather shamefully melted some of my TMNT figures during a destructive phase I went through, though I never had any of these.

    And those turtle suits still hold up even today.

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