Death Star Pumpkin!


This is a 186 pound Pumpkin from back in 2008 that was carved to resemble the ultimate might of the Galactic Empire…the only other thing I need to say about this is make sure to visit the Fantasy Pumpkins site for even more awesome Pumpkin carvings that will make you jealous.

A big thanks to Chris Sims over at Comics Alliance for the heads up on this incredible Pumpkin.

3 Responses to Death Star Pumpkin!

  1. Vinvectrex says:

    Stay on target!

  2. Thanks for the good DeathStar vibes! I always love to see my stuff linked. I also have a tutorial on carving the Deathstar if your readers are interested. Well over 100 Deathstars have been carved that I know about at this point.

  3. Kris Knives says:

    Wow, that is impressive. I didn’t expect it to have so much detail.

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