Alien Trailer (1979)

I was inspired by Atari Adventure Square’s comment yesterday concerning the Alien Vault release to bookstores. For those that didn’t see the comment yet:

“…the cracking egg trailer is one of my favorites, as it wordlessly confounds and astounds and makes you so curious about the movie, without spoiling the content.”

It seemed quite appropriate to share that masterful trailer with you today!

Thanks to IMP Awards for one of the original posters, a 5th version of the theatrical poster in fact. Thanks as well to Hitmon Tom for posting that trailer over on YouTube!


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One thought on “Alien Trailer (1979)

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I love this poster design (and haven’t seen it very often).

    It’s great that people can get to see this offbeat trailer.

    Yeah, it’d be something if movie studios more frequently aimed to create an aura of mystery around their outings with less-revealing trailers.
    They still do, but this one is a good memory of being in the theater and going “Wha?…I so gotta see this!”

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