Thinner Theatrical Poster (1996)

We had a nice discussion about the lack of staged photo shoots for movie posters anymore when I posted John Carpenter’s The Fog theatrical poster yesterday. While doing research on other movie one-sheets, trying to find something similar to the way the Fog poster had been done I stumbled on this great poster for Todd Holland’s film adaptation of the story from Stephen King, Thinner.

A big thanks to IMP Awards for the scan up above.


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4 thoughts on “Thinner Theatrical Poster (1996)

  1. CarlosTheDwarf says:

    I still notice this sort of stuff in the rom-com and drama area more than horror or sci-fi genres. I’ve also noticed that many of them are terrible obvious comps.

  2. I remember having this poster up at the movie theater I was managing. Those were good times, especially the late night projectionist duties and after-hours Street Fighter vs. X-men tournaments. Oh, and the movie was all right, too.

  3. Carlos, that is a horrible poster you linked to…thank you for the heads up on it!

    Smash, I’ve got fantastic memories of my time at what was our local movie theater, friend. The first movie poster I took home when I worked at a theater was John Carpenter’s In the Mouth of Madness. I’ve got a backroom full of them…I think on that subject I became a hoarder! Ha, ha.

  4. Back in college I had a friend who worked at a video store that would occasionally score me movie posters and stand-ups. I had that one (Thinner) along with a giant cardboard 3D/layered stand-up of the Dark Half. I remember having this one hanging on my bedroom door for a while:

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