The Fog Theatrical Poster (1980)

One of my first posts after I became a full time writer for the Retroist was reviewing John Carpenter’s classic, The Fog, and I say reviewed the film in the loosest term possible. It’s a movie I plan on watching again as Halloween fast approaches and I admit that I’ll only start watching it at 11:55 pm thanks to John Houseman’s character at the beginning of the film:

“11:55…almost Midnight. Enough time for one more story. One more story before 12, just to keep us warm.”

A big thanks to IMP Awards for the original theatrical poster you see below…they just do not make posters like this anymore!


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8 thoughts on “The Fog Theatrical Poster (1980)

  1. Absolutely, Daniel Th1rte3n! I’m trying to think back to when we saw the last “staged” photo shoot poster in the Horror genre…sadly, I’m not coming up with anything!

  2. I just spent 30 minutes going through posters on google images trying to find a poster that was similar and I gotta say, nothing comes close in modern times. When they do have a person in a post, it is usually because the star of the film needed to be featured and even when they are photographed, they are usually heavily filtered or just passively staring into the camera. Nothing like the action pictured here.

    Doug is right though, it does remind me of gaming magazine ads I used to see.

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I think this Fog poster was made to capitalize on Jamie Lee Curtis’ presence in the movie, as Halloween had proven to be a big hit by that time.

    Yeah I love this style of advertising for movies.
    Evil Dead had a nice one of Ash holding up a chainsaw with a girl behind him.
    I’m not 100% sure it was actually Bruce Campbell, though. The girl was just a stand-in.

    And this reminds me of the hooplah concerning Temple Of Doom producer ‘s use of a similar male model to portray Jones in the poster.

    I think there was uncertainty as to Ford’s return to the role. Or maybe it was all a ploy between reps.
    But it caused a stir as fans thought this meant a new actor was chosen for the role.

    It’s been a while since this story, so I dunno how accurate this all is.
    I need chocolate right now.

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