Night Gallery: A Question Of Fear & The Devil Is Not Mocked (1971)

Originally airing on Oct. 27th, 1971 this second season episode of the Night Gallery presented the viewer with two tales. A Question of Fear stars Leslie Nielsen (Creepshow) as Col. Dennis Malloy who pits his courage against the boast of of Dr. Mazi (Fritz Weaver, also of Creepshow) that he cannot stay a night alone in the good Doctor’s house where he witnessed something so horrible that his hair was turned white. If he can stay the entire evening and not perish from fright he will be awarded $15,000.

The Second portion of the episode is entitled, The Devil Is Not Mocked, and stars Francis Lederer (Lux Video Theatre) and Helmut Dantine (Hollywood Canteen). Helmut plays General von Grunn, a Nazi officer during WWII…who is confronted by an evil greater than himself.


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3 thoughts on “Night Gallery: A Question Of Fear & The Devil Is Not Mocked (1971)

  1. Night Gallery was such a cool show. And Serling was such a memorable, remarkable host. In a way his intros were the best part of the show. I really miss these anthology shows.

  2. I love that episode. And I’m convinced that the producers of Lost loved it as well. So much of the art direction and costuming in that last scene in the kitchen feels very Dharma.

  3. John, I think the closest we’ve had to Rod Serling lately was Tales From the Crypt, not that I’m comparing the Cryptkeeper to the masterful introductions by Serling.

    Patrick, I hope I get to interview the writers of Lost someday because I think you may have discovered something there in that first episode! :)

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