The Retroist and William Castle Productions Halloween Giveaway!

We are very pleased to announce that thanks to our friends over at Green Galactic and William Castle Productions we are getting to have one heck of a spooktactular giveaway!

That’s right, friends! Our main prize is a DVD copy of the fantastic William Castle helmed 1959 chiller, The Tingler, starring the legendary Vincent Price!

But that is not all we are giving away! We’ve also got four thrilling books of horror to giveaway to lucky visitors of the Retroist! One of the books was written by the ghost of William Castle, I challenge you to beat that for a Halloween treat!

From the Grave: The Prayer!


Family Matters by William Castle’s daughter, Terry Castle!

We’ve also got more than a handful of Halloween goodies to give out, stickers with William Castle’s famous silhouette! So by now you are asking yourself what type of action must you perform to earn your chance at receiving one of the fantastic prizes! Will we ask you to dig up some new friends for us at your local cemetery? Perhaps we will ask you to knock over a blood bank? Nay! All you need to do is let me know what your favorite Halloween Candy is in the comments section. That is it, friends, just that easy.

I’d like to thank Green Galactic and William Castle Productions for their generosity in this giveaway and to IMP Awards for the original Tingler poster at the top of this post.


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18 thoughts on “The Retroist and William Castle Productions Halloween Giveaway!

  1. Dan Blair says:

    those rolls of little rockets candies – I would divide them up by color and ascribe a different superpower time limited to each color and then take a vial with me wherever I went for as long as they lasted.
    I hated the caramels that came in the halloween type wrapping papers…man talk about hard caramel…the softie squares were ok though.
    sighhhhh now I want to go back in time so I can trick or treat again.

  2. Phibes72 says:

    The best Halloween candy of all time has got to be Necco wafers. Most people dispise these chalky little candies but without them………it wouldn’t be the Halloween of my youth.

  3. Dex says:

    @Phibes: I bought some NECCO’s the other day because I hadn’t had them in decades and yes, they’re still chalky :) Like round flat candy hearts.

    Candy corn and mallowcreme pumpkins are my fave Halloween candy. I do enjoy other stuff but really you can get everything else any time of the year.

  4. Scott B says:

    My favorite Halloween candies are candy corn and the mello-creme pumpkins as well. I also like the traditional autum mix with the chocolate cats, ears of corn and the maple flavored jugs.

  5. Kit Kats! Although, I recall mostly having a plastic jack o lantern filled with those flavored Tootsie midgees (like the vanilla ones) most years.

  6. This will likely be a unique answer… I like that peanut butter taffy that comes in orange or black wrappers. They’re unpopular with kids, but a perennial favorite of stingy adults who don’t feel like paying for chocolate. Everybody else is nuts — those things are awexome. Which is how the kids are spelling it nowadays.

  7. Does anyone remember wax whistles? Not wax lips, which are still around, but the wax whistles that you could play and then chew up like gum. When I was a kid my mom used to give them away every Halloween, and kids would literally come to our house from miles just to get one! They were my favorite. I’ve searched for them on the net but can’t find them anywhere.

  8. As a kid my favorite was always Smarties. They get some disrespect, but I always dug ’em. These days it has to be Ghost Dots though, great concept, great packaging, and they are glow-in-the-dark colored, even if they don’t actually glow in the dark…

  9. D J Bad says:

    My favorite Halloween candy is the Mary Jane Peanut Butter kisses….but you have to eat them right away or they get a bit hard to chew…….but MAN..they’re SOOOOO good.

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