Name that Weird Retro Halloween Costume!

Here’s your next Friday distraction. Miss last week’s, it’s never too late to check it out. Take your best guess…and let’s do this again next Friday!


Don’t look at the dogs, work the lock! You looked at the dogs!

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3 thoughts on “Name that Weird Retro Halloween Costume!

  1. Mr. On says:

    Well it’s either “The Man From Planet X” from the 1951 ‘sci-fi noir’ movie or even the toy based on him “?Electron+?The Man From Pluto” made years later by Colorforms for their “Outer Space Men” toy line as an answer to Mattel’s “Major Matt Mason”.
    Apropos as PLuto was theorized by Percival Lowell, who wrote “Mars? The Abode
    of Life”, years before the actual discovery and referred to as “Planet X”, that is until astronomer Clyde Tombaugh ‘discovered’ it in 1930 and re-christened it “Pluto” not
    just because he was the “god of the Underworld” in Roman mythology, but also because Pluto contained the letters “P” & “L” as the first two in the name in honor of
    the man who predicted it, his mentor — Percival Lowell.
    Ersatz “X”/”?Electron+?”‘s costume though seems more like John Anderson’s “Ebonite” interrogator in the classic Outer Limits episode “Nightmare”.
    An “Ebonite ?Electron+?”?
    Is that like a Black ‘lectroid from Planet 10 by way of the 8th Dimension…?
    See ya later, interrogator!

  2. I would say this is obviously the fabled Birdman from Topeka, Kansas! My favorite part of this photo is the guy caught doing a double take on the right hand side of it.

    “Did you see that, Frank?”

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